Globalex, founded in 2005, is a trading and wholesale company focused on fast moving and luxury consumables (A-branded fragrances and high-end cosmetics). Over the decade we have shifted our attention from traditional B2B trading also closer to B2C related operations. 

Years have shown that old fashioned trading activities are not delivering the results as they used to. To stay in competition one has to deliver more. Value added services help to exceed customers expectations:

  • Launch of a Globalex IMS 2.0 - B2B platform 
    With the launch of our new platform we offer customers price and assortment monitoring services
  • Cashflow support 
    In co-operation with financial partner we offer selected customers flexible payment terms
  • Simplify logistics
    Help us take care of your procurement obstacles and supply chain from the warehouse to the doorstep of your customers

Besides all the new, we still like to stick to the roots and find new trading opportunities every day. If you are a wholesaler, e-tailer, retailer or a trading company, please get in touch with us too explore what can we do today.